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That part of your infinitely connected self eagerly awaits the opportunity to share its Divine wisdom with you.   


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    Personalized Holistic Wellness Reading

    Feel like you've tried everything to heal and still no results? This is for you!

  • Get insights into what your symptoms are telling you, and what your body is in need of. 

  • Find out what supplements, essential oils, herbal remedies, foods or other treatments might benefit you.

  • Find out what needs to change if you

    don't like the direction your current path

    is heading.

  •  Your holistic wellness reading includes:

    - An intuitive reading completed privately   by Angela

    - A 30-minute zoom session to go through

      the information discerned together

    - Written details of the reading and the option to record the meetup to your device.  



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    Distance Energy Healing Session 

    Are trapped emotions from events in the past preventing your body from healing?

  • Clear the stuck energies that are causing blocks in your system

  • Create the opportunity for your body to heal itself

  • Get insights into the thought patterns underlying your current concerns 

starting at 

   $35/30 min session

You Save 40%

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To enquire about a private or group session on using a pendulum to do readings for yourself please email:  [email protected]

      Live Group Energy Healing Sessions       

      Have you left your healing to others? Are you ready to participate in the process?   

  • Be an active participant in your healing by practicing energy cleansing and healing techniques on yourself 

  • Learn a set of easy exercises that will help you sleep better and keep every joint in your body mobile  

  • Be part of a group aiming to heal the planet by healing ourselves - one step at a time 

$5/group session

Save 25% booking for the month

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Raving Reviews

Holistic Wellness Readings

"OMG! This reading is amazing!! Thank you so much. It’s 100% on and I can’t wait to use the remedies!!" 

Debra P.

Chicago, Illinois

"My reading with Angela was so informative and inspiring! She gave me some amazing insights into my body, mind and spirit from a physical and ancestral perspective and she had many recommendations to help me regain balance and well-being. 

Angela is such a kind, loving and gentle soul who is so wise and intuitive – having a reading from her is a wonderful, supportive and comforting experience. Thank you Angela, – you truly are an angel and a gift! "

Tanna M.


"I had no idea what to expect in my session with Angela – and that was a good thing because I would not have been able to imagine the hour and a half that we spent in intense and informative conversation. She covered mental, emotional and physical well being through amino acids, essential oils, and supplements, plus some interesting other issues I never anticipated. Ancestry figured into her analysis for me in a way that remains to be experienced. Forewarned is forearmed. Also past lives – this is where we were led. I learned some new words and perspectives. My questions were answered until I had no more. Angela maintained a calm demeanor and attention to the process – she is an excellent listener. My feelings of wellbeing are tied to my home as my refuge, so that came into the conversation. Restoration work around the borders of the property due to erosion began last year and, for my building, is due to commence later this year. The wonderful view of the marsh and river has its negative impact. This work will not be an issue. In fact, what tied in was an energy clearing related to past life issues with Native Americans, and there may be relics uncovered during the work. I shared this with the woman renting my guest suite and she had recently seen what she thought was an arrowhead and did not disturb it. Thank you so much Angela for your thoroughness and patience and willingness to go beyond. I am excited to see what happens next.."

Peggy C.

Virginia Beach, Virginia

"I have known Angela for over 25 years. It has been a joy to witness Angela grow, deepen and hone her ability to do intuitive health readings. While struggling with spiralling health issues that could not be resolved through the consult of my regular care practitioners: GP, naturopath, osteopath, Angela’s reading picked up a struggle with animal proteins, and a need for tissue salts. A visit to a functional health MD, and a set of (expensive!) blood tests then revealed Angela’s reading to be 100% accurate! " 

Lisa H.

Maryhill, Ontario

"Without knowing any of my prior history, Angela’s intuitive reading was extremely accurate! She pinpointed areas in my body with issues of chronic fatigue, caused by cleaning products, which I was in fact aware of and taking steps to address, pesticides, again very precise, as we had just sprayed for an ant infestation days ago, and the third cause of undue stress which was exact, as I had just been told that open heart surgery was imminent. There was also an issue of the blood and cells and her herbal recommendations were extremely helpful. I was very grateful for the reading and solutions. Thank you Angela—your reading was excellent and it is my honest opinion, that you are truly gifted!!"

Shawne S.

Vernon, BC

Pendulum Course

Anyone who wants a unique and thorough way of using the pendulum should take a class with Angela. She doesn't just settle for questions that have yes or no answers like I was previously using. She also teaches a system for getting more details about the situation for which you want guidance. She gives you techniques for checking the accuracy of the information gathered from the pendulum and how to determine when it is in need of cleaning or clearing. We used a set of charts that began with a master chart and directed us to all kinds of specialized charts. Angela gave us complete information on how to set intentions and on how to make our own specialized charts for our own unique situations. Without going beyond yes and no, I would not have found out some of the detailed information that I gathered about my family. I recommend spending time with Angela on this detailed approach.

Candace K. 

San Fran, California

Card Readings

“Angela gave a card reading that was prescient in it’s vision, allowing me to rest easy that I was on my path. The reading confirmed finances coming my way in the near future and that is exactly what happened!”

Jennifer B. 

San Fran, California